Panasonic NR-BY608XSX1 602L Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator

All Round Cooling Features

Experience an unmatched premium level of freshness with Panasonic NR-BY608XS 2-Door Frost Free Refrigerator. It gloats Prime Fresh solidifying that stops nourishment to approx. – 3 degrees celsius, so just the surface of the things is gently solidified and the sustenance never solidifies and can be cut effortlessly without defrosting. This likewise holds the crude flavor and taste more, alongside the fundamental supplements.

Accompanying the cooler at the base, simple and more sorted out capacity of items in the cooler is empowered. The cabinet write base cooler offers simple and smooth access, while additionally guaranteeing more cleanliness and aversion of any undesirable scent. The vegetable case at the base of the fridge compartment holds dampness and mugginess around 90%. The ideal conditions and steady temperature keep vegetables and organic products new and delicious for longer period.

Hostile to Bacterial Hygienic Storage

Panasonic NR-BY608XS Frost Free Refrigerator offers sterile capacity of your sustenance and refreshments with capable against bacterial and deodourizing impacts. 99% of form and microorganisms inside the cooler is dispensed with, likewise a dynamic chemical adequately settle obnoxious fish and vegetable scents. Chilly air is blown from the back board upwards and to the sides of the cooler, encompassing put away things for delicate cooling.

Clever and Highly Energy Efficient

The Panasonic NR-BY608XS is outfitted with smart ECONAVI sensors that really screen the lighting and temperature conditions in the room, when and how frequently the refrigerator entryways are opened alongside the inward temperature. Examining the same, it likewise reacts to keep up perfect cooling and forestalling wastage of vitality.

With its savvy inverter innovation, you require not stress any longer over the power bills. The fridge shifts energy to suit the circumstance more power amid the day when it is opened and shut all the more frequently and less in the night when it’s not really utilized. The outcome is amazingly proficient task with significant sparing of vitality, fast and silent cooling.

Full-Flat Sophisticated Make

The outline of Panasonic NR-BY608XS twofold entryway icebox talks class and radiates polish. The basic, full-level entryway in stainless steel has no knocks, casings or melancholies to hinder its style. The in vogue electrostatic touch control board complements its allure and refined look.


Material Toughened Glass
Voltage 220-240V
Colour Silver
Capacity 602 L
Brand Panasonic
Warranty 1 Year
No. of doors 2
Door type Bottom Mount
Defrosting type Frost Free
Deodorizer Yes
Refrigerators Features Adjustable shelves
Egg Rack
Separator for vegetable and fruits


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