Panasonic NR-BD418VSX1 407L 3S Refrigerator (Silver)

Appreciate helpful capacity constantly with the astonishing and vitality productive Panasonic NR-BD418VSX1 Refrigerator that accompanies an arrangement of intense highlights to guarantee ideal cooling levels without over the top utilization of power. The fridge with its propelled innovation gives effective cooling as well as keeps foods grown from the ground for a more extended timeframe without ruining their unique surface. The icebox helps the products of the soil to hold their dampness levels and stay fresh in sealed shut gaskets. The encompass cooling highlight guarantees that the cooler gives uniform cooling over all levels while the AG Clean element expels 99.99 percent of microscopic organisms in the fridge to guarantee your nourishment is monitored safe and smells are kept. All these astounding highlights upheld by a staggering current plan makes it an extraordinary expansion to your home and kitchen.

Vitality Efficient Performance

Appreciate astounding cooling at practical costs as the Panasonic NR-BD418VSX1 Refrigerator ensures you don’t wind up paying monstrous bills toward the finish of consistently. The fridge accompanies an ECONAVI inverter framework with brilliant cooling innovation that guides in giving ideal execution without unnecessary vitality utilization. The seven sensors display in the fridge recognizes working conditions and gives cooling as needs be while the inverter changes the revolution recurrence of the engine to give ideal cooling without extreme vitality utilization. The inverter likewise remembers the utilization example and capacities in like manner to additionally help in vitality investment funds.

Productive Cooling Features

The savvy Panasonic NR-BD418VSX1 Refrigerator comes pressed with different cooling highlights to guarantee you get greatest execution consistently. The icebox helps the foods grown from the ground to hold their dampness levels for longer timeframes and are put away in water/air proof compartments that cool them delicately and keep their surface in place. The delicate encompass wind stream framework helps in uniform cooling consistently while the double AG clean element guarantees microscopic organisms is evacuated and the refrigerator is aerated constantly for a lovely cooling execution.

Premium Design

The effective cooling execution of the fridge is upheld by a dazzling and roomy plan that makes it a flawless stockpiling accomplice. The icebox enables you to store an extensive variety of things because of the different compartments. The vegetable case stores vegetables and natural products in ideal conditions and keeps up their surface to keep them new for longer timeframes. The additional cool zone gives you space to store nourishment that requires to a great degree low temperatures. The full level entryway with a chrome crest handle gives it an exceptionally exquisite look.


Material  Glass
Voltage 150-305
Colour Silver
Capacity   407 Liters
Defrost System Frost Free
Brand Panasonic
Form Factor Double-Door
Weight & Dimensions
Width 685
Depth 1624
No. of doors 2
Door type Full Flat and Frameless
Defrosting type Frost Free
Star Rating 3
Additional feature Surrounding Air Flow
Foldable Glass Shelf,
Top Freezer Design,
Dual AG Clean


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