Washing Machine

Panasonic Na-f65h6srb 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Cleaning Made Easy

Dispose of the stains from your garments in an intense way with the Aquawave pulsators highlight of the Panasonic 6.5 kg NA-F65H6SRB Top Loading Washing Machine. The garments get hurled upwards and downwards with the vertical tsunamis. With the intense wave movement, the garments are washed delicately and productively which likewise does not hurt the texture.

The new Sazanami drum has dimple formed water grows which expels the earth from the garments altogether. Garments don’t get captured because of the round edged dimples that don’t have an excessive number of gaps in them. It likewise guarantees a high turn drying working.

One of a kind Courses for Efficient Cleaning

The Panasonic clothes washer accompanies uncommon remarkable courses that help you in regular cleaning. A Daily Sari Course proves to be useful as it helps clean the most-broadly worn Indian clothing with most extreme care. With the Baby Care Course, you can guarantee the delicate cleaning of your child’s garments.

With the auto-restart highlight you don’t need to stress over rehashing your cycle from the earliest starting point. It will proceed from where it ceased when the current went off. In addition in the event that the clothes washer is in standby mode, the auto control off will diminish the power utilization. Once the washing is done, it consequently close down the clothes washer.

Mechanical Cleaning

The eco-aquabeat innovation keeps the soil from reattaching to your garments. Upheld with a beat screw and beat streak, it makes an intense vortex of water so your garments are cleaned from all headings. Water utilized amid flushing is controlled and diminished with this aquabeat include influencing the washing to machine vitality proficient.

There is no danger of your garments being bugged with microscopic organisms as the Panasonic clothes washer is outfitted with hostile to bacterial silver particles. Its freshening up impacts keep the development of microscopic organisms and helps keep the garments crisp noticing. There is no danger of skin harm with this element. It keeps smell from your garments when you sweat or when you hang them inside.


Special Features Baby care
Brand Panasonic
Form Factor Child Lock
Warranty 1 Year
Washing Machine
Wash Capacity 6.5 kg
Type Of Washing Machine Automatic
Loading Type Top loading
Auto Restart Yes
Digital Display Yes
Timers Yes
Weight 30 Kg


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